It eventually came.”I heard commotion out my window and I looked and I saw the raging water,” he said. “It came in to the low lying areas and it rushed fast.”The restaurant Pellegrini owns was damaged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, but he says this surge came from the back bay rather than from the ocean.Coastal flooding remains a big concern for much of New Jersey due to the timing of the storm.”I expect our town to be under considerable water,” Pellegrini said.After Sandy, sand dune walls were built to help keep water from flooding ashore.They worked well during this storm, helping to push back waves that were as high as 20 feet, said Vincent Jones with the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness.”They are basically the first line of defense,” he said.Tide catches residents off guardMargate City, just down the coast from Atlantic City, was also affected.”In a lot of our business areas and our back bay areas, water is coming over the bulkhead in a lot of the same areas as Hurricane Sandy hit,” Lt. Matt Hankinson of the Margate City Police Department said.

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