Dalton Country Store, 111 Main St.,Dalton, Jan. 9. Change of owner inspection; in compliance. I envision pottery, baskets, paintings, jewelry, prints and on and on.It’s fun to think about, and if anybody wants to see a working model of the concept, drive to Manchester and check it out. Better take your wallet, though. There are many temptations in this unique little store.

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new era hats outlet OUT OF SLAVERY (AGAIN): A couple of years back, I wrote about “Avadim Hayinu,” or, as translated from Hebrew, “Once We Were Slaves.” That was the highly spiritual, highly interesting merging of cultures by Hamden jazz bassist David Chevan, who’s Jewish, and Hartford pianist Warren Byrd, who grew up in the black Christian tradition. Saturday at the Cheshire VFW Community Center, 1220 Waterbury Road (Route 70). The show is being presented by Cheshire’s new Jewish congregation, Kol Ami, along with the Jewish Federation Foundation of Waterbury Northwestern Connecticut new era hats outlet.